Tuesday, May 31, 2011

rinse, repeat

Mark D!

10 x 100m sprint
60 sec rest between

10 x 100m sprint
60 sec between each

all out efforts


  1. after murph, this workout was rough but not bad, good recovery WOD. I feel so good, I might just go do Fran with CrossFit Laredo this afternoon (lying).

  2. Murph is officially setting in. Biceps, triceps, lats, and quads are getting very stiff.

    Good thing 6 am came before the ~24 hr pre-soreness window closed.

    The rows were all below 18 sec, and the runs were probably around the same. The high gear wasn't there this morning

    Told Marcos I would post this after the 1st Murph (Murph Rd 3 in 2 weeks, Zach?).


    Disclaimer: Apologies if the link is old news. PG-13 language. Hopefully, everyone enjoys sarcasm/self-deprecating humor (if not blame Grant Hundley, if you don't remember him Grant Spence will work fine).

  3. That video is great haha, so true on all too many points. I'm feeling the soreness as well. Lats and chest are probably the worst. I'm going for a jog in a bit so I'm sure I'll want to add quads and hamstrings to the list as well, I just don't notice them yet.

  4. Crossfit 1836 (Kingwood) WOD:

    4 rounds:
    200m overhead carry (45/25)
    20 med ball cleans (20/14)
    20 ab mat sit-ups

    I waaay underestimated that overhead carry. Hope all is well in CS. See ya'll next week!