Monday, October 11, 2010

hide yo kids

Oktoberfest went amazing on Saturday in Houston. The weather was great and the event was a huge success for everyone. And thank you to all those who came out and supported us! It was so great to have a big part of our community out there having fun, going crazy and putting together some really great workouts. Also congrats to everyone who competed, we are very proud of you all!! Make sure you give these people a pat on the back when you see them next for an incredible effort and job well done. CSCF is becoming a force to be reckoned with and its all because of you!!

Hang Power Clean

Congrats to our CrossFit ladies who took 1st place in the Powder Puff tournament in Bryan on Sunday! Way to represent!!!


  1. 2 words...EVERYTHING HURTS!! Let's just put it this way, doing a hardcore CF competition will make you sore, but add an intense flag football tournament (5 games) w/trash talking Sasquatches coming at you full force-- doesn't feel very good!! Therefore, I am SOOO proud of all you ladies who played your little hearts out...yall did AWESOME!!!!! And even though i feel like I've been run over by a train, it was worth it b/c we brought home the GOLD!!!!! CONGRATS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

  2. HOLLA! Yes imagine David and Golliath oooorrrr a Shrek coming at you ooooorrrr a giant woman who is 6' 8' coming at you with her giant elbows and that's we went up against!
    YES Caroline I can barely feel my body! We did do awesome, imagine what we could do if half our team hadn't did 3 WOD's the day before????

  3. Sorry I missed it! We had a soccer game. I don't know how ya'll could move. I was crippled from the team wods on saturday.

  4. We dont know either!! But, we had to get comfortable with uncomfortable!!!
    Here is the link for results from Saturday...

  5. Ha! Our "b" team wasn't dead last!

  6. Hey Daren,

    Where did you get that orange back roller?

  7. Will P follow this link for your foam roller needs

  8. You all should follow that link i think :)

  9. Has it been pointed out the Amie McCoy took 6th out of 25 people... Just sayin..Thats legit

  10. amie is legit

    we are all legit

    and getting legit-er

  11. Everyone is legit! Great job CSCF and thanks to all of those who came out to support us too! We had an awesome weekend. HPC not so fun after comp., but what are you gonna do?

  12. Thanks Haynes! Everyone did an awesome job this weekend! From Oktoberfest to our powderpuff champs! And I second Will, HPC not so fun today.

  13. Thanks to everyone that came out to support us and a huge shout out to everyone that competed. It was a great weekend and it was pretty cool to see all of the CSCF shirts out there. WE ARE CSCF!

    Congrats to the CSCF Powder Puff Team. Great job ladies.

    Worked on HPC

    50 squats with bar
    25 air squats
    25 C2G push-ups


  14. Sorry Charlie...I couldnt resist...
    Charlie post workout- this is how tough it was...

  15. If anyone is interested in competing on October 23rd follow the link below and read about the Crossfit competition at Crossfit FX TX in Allen, Tx. I just signed up so there is still space.

    Let me know if you decide to sign up. I will also send out the information to everyone in an email.

  16. That was definitely one of my "weakest moments" Caroline...haha