Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"It's so hot..."

the look of a well executed wod...

5-5-5-5-5, 60 sec rest

Rest 5 min

5 min AMRAP:
10 kbs
10 kte


  1. Hey Crossfitters, don't forget only 3 days left to register for barbellsforboobs! We are really excited to have EVERYONE donate & register for this event, it's going to be great! If you still have questions just ask myself, Carol and Caroline for details!

  2. Press
    55#, 55#, 45#, 45#, 45#

    WOD - Level 2 @ 12Kg
    5 rounds plus 10kbs

  3. 115# x 4

    Did not Participate in the WOD part of the WOD

  4. Is the name of this post a reference to the possibility that Paris Hilton just joined CSCF, or perhaps is it the utterances of a man in a momement of weakness?

    My initial thought is that with all of Paris' recent charity work, it would be hard for her to fit in a daily WOD.

    On another note, I need a chihuahua, a warrant for my arrest, and a few failed rehab visits to complete my costume for Saturday. Let me know if you can be of help.

  5. Funny max!

    What I can't figure out is how we have 3,600 blog views a week and most posts have about 5 or 6 comments. Why are none of you posting your times? You are clearly tuning in, so why aren't you participating?

  6. Dave Inbody that spoke to us at Fight Gone Bad about his experiences with Wounded Warrior Project after losing his foot in Afghanistan took his first steps with a prosthetic foot today. Video:

    Crossfit is next!

  7. Thanks for sharing that vid, Scott. That's a great one!

  8.'re a mess, a great mess!! Haha...and Mr. Kercho, i totally feel ya on that, I've wondered the same thing a time or two! Awesome news Scott!!

  9. Press-55# x 4

    4 rounds, 4 KTE

    My arms were burning so bad after the WOD that on the way home it hurt to push the button to change the radio, haha!

    Hope everyone is having a good week!!!

  10. Press - 60,60,60,55,55#

    WOD with 16kg #
    4 rounds + 10 KB and 8 KTE

    Max made my day!

  11. dont ever get on max's bad side. on another note kercho i wonder the same thing, esp when it gets above 4000 views. slackers!!

    also i have to take another 2 weeks off for my shoulder, this is starting to look surgery worthy. i need to start a tip jar to help with that burden.

  12. 55# Press
    3 rounds + 8 KBS (16k KB)

  13. Press: 115#

    WOD: 5 rounds at level 1 - 24kg kb

  14. Also "it's so hot" is a perfect name for today's wod. My shirt was literally drenched, it was gross. Thanks END OF OCTOBER 90 DEGREE WEATHER!!

  15. Tip jar idea.

    Uh CF car wash... duh. All the proceeds go to Daren's tip jar!

  16. Haha Bretani that would be great

  17. Press:
    55#, 55#, 50#, 50#, 45#

    WOD w/12kg 4 rounds